Green Policy

It is the intention of Edinburgh Decorating Co. to effectively manage and improve its environmental performance and minimise the impacts its business has on the environment.

Being green has always been a focus for Edinburgh Decorating Co.

Large scale or small, as decorators we have a direct connection to the environment, from recycling of debris to green materials. We endeavor to be good stewards of the environment whenever possible, working with our clients to further sustainability and ecological awareness in the building industry.

• We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We will ensure that all staff are trained in our environmental management policy and given guidance in its implementation.

• As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

• Current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

• We will implement measures to help the business and its employees to use ‘green transport’ for example, providing facilities for cyclists (including shower rooms), encouraging car sharing, and encouraging the use of public transport by providing information on local routes.

• We will dispose of all waste in a responsible manner, ensuring that we always comply with the Duty of Care Regulations.

• We will try, where possible, to use suppliers who are willing to take away packaging for re-use or recycling and will consider the environmental impact of any purchases.

• We will try to reduce the water consumption of the business and minimise CO2 emissions. We will invest in the improved energy efficiency of products we use and investigate environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.

• We will ensure that dust, noise and odour do not cause nuisance to the community surrounding the place of business or site on which we are working.

• We will try to reduce waste production and carry out recycling as much as possible.

• In the office environment, paper will be used sensibly, with measures to re-use and recycle waste paper, and the increased use of electrical communication to reduce the need for paper use.

• We will ensure that no polluting matter enters surface waters or groundwater.

• We will try to use sub-contractors and suppliers who comply with the requirements of our environmental management policy.

• We use environmentally sustainable, earth-friendly materials whenever possible with an emphasis on biodiversity and conservation of natural resources.

• All debris from our projects is source separated, re-used, or recycled to reduce flow into the waste stream.

• Salvageable materials are donated to local non-profits, providing a tax-write off to our clients.

• Whether it is low-VOC paints or recycled content material, our designers incorporate green decorating techniques and materials whenever possible.

All employees and sub-contractors are encouraged to understand and implement the requirements and objectives of this policy in their day to day work through regular discussion, communication and training.